Ramsha Khan Brilliantly Tackles Hamna’s Situation as ‘Ishqiya’ Comes to a Standtill

The marriage of Hamna (Ramsha Khan) and Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) was her father’s choice, but she accepted the new relationship wholeheartedly. She abandoned the past and moved forward with Azeem, who angered Feroze Khan, thinking that Hamna had betrayed him, and in revenge, he married Hamna (Hamna) )’S sister Roomi (Hania Amir). Hamza has been using his relationship with Roomi to emotionally blackmail Hamna to enter the hotel to meet him and call her at random times in the evening to ensure that her peace is destroyed at all costs.

Hamna’s role is not an easy task, although Ramsha Khan’s powerful ability to express dialogue and her way of using facial expressions to express her mentality clearly show her powerful acting skills. When Hamna finally broke the silence and admitted her relationship with Hamza to her husband Azeem, everyone wanted to know what would happen next.

Ramsha’s facial expression is obvious. Whether we confess the truth of our past in front of our husband or hear the scene of my father’s death, we can clearly feel the pain she is going through.

Recently, she has been the center of comments for everyone, and her role as Hamna has also received a lot of praise. There is a fan group who likes the chemical reaction between Ramsha Khan and Feroze Khan, and then another fan group is spreading the romantic scene between Ramsha Khan and Gohar Rasheed. It’s hard to have such an impact if you want to have a character, but Ramsha Khan won with her outstanding performance.

The TV show shows that Hamna and Hamza have a different atmosphere when they are together, and Azeem has a different atmosphere when they are together. Hamna’s relationship with Feroze Khan is both interesting and naive, while her relationship with Azeem is more serious, trustworthy and mature. Ramsha Khan has such a significant difference in roles due to his excellent acting ability, which is highly appreciated.

In recent episodes, Hamner has grown into a very strong person who knows what she wants from life and how to achieve it. This comeback in her character was attributed to the public and was executed perfectly. Since then, Ishqiya’s fans have been crazy for Hamna because her character has now become more influential.

The emotional fusion between Hamza, Hamna, Roomi and Azeem is at an explosive stage. A mistake can destroy the lives of four people, and Hamner is doing his best to save all their lives. Let us see what happens next.

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