Punjab presents Rs2.24tr ‘pro-business’ budget for FY21

Punjab budget 2020

Punjab Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakhat presented a provincial budget proposal for the next fiscal year at the Punjab Parliament on Monday, with total expenditures of Rs 22407 crore, including development expenditures of Rs 337 crore, caused by members of the opposition party.

The Minister of Finance stated that according to the National Finance Committee (NFC) award, Punjab will receive Rs 1.433 trillion, while provincial income (revenue from own resources) is estimated at Rs 317 billion in the 2020-21 fiscal year.

Under the given circumstances, the provincial budget is called “progressive” and “pro-business”, he added that the continued expenditure for the next fiscal year is estimated to be 1.318 trillion rupees, including a salary of 337.6 billion rupees, and Rs 337 crore has been allocated, of which Rs 112.440 crore is spent on development expenditure and the estimated provincial surplus is Rs 125 crore.

The Minister of Finance said that the government also reduced Rs 10 crore in service provision spending and increased the local government budget of Rs 10 crore. He added that the provincial government plans to save more than 19 billion rupees through pension reform.

GOVT specifies RS284.2BN for health:

The provincial government has allocated 284.20 billion rupees to the health department in the 2020-21 fiscal year budget.

According to documents released in this regard, Rs 250.70 crore will be used for ongoing routine projects, while Rs 33 crore has been allocated to the development expenditure of the health sector.

The provincial government has earmarked Rs 130 crore to overcome Covid-19 and Rs 26 crore drug purchases, instead of the Rs 23 crore specified in the previous budget.

The provincial government will spend Rs 6 crore for the regional headquarters hospitals in Ghazi Khan, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Dara Ghazi Khan, Rawalpindi, Ural Surgery and Transplant Institute, and the second phase of Sital Hospital Multan, In the mother and child district, Sir Ganga’s lost facilities were upgraded and provided with missing facilities. Ram Hospital, Lahore Radiology/Specialty Department Services Hospital Upgrade, and Children’s Hospital established the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Institute.

In the current fiscal year, it will provide important facilities at the Wazirabad Cardiology Institute, Lahore Neuroscience Institute and the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute Lahore.

The government allocated Rs 12 crore for the Insaf Health Card plan, which will be rolled out across the province.

Rs 11.46 crore has been allocated in the budget of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Health Care Development, which will be used to upgrade DHQ hospitals in less developed areas, establish new mother and child hospitals, and renovate all DHQ and 15 tehsil headquarters hospitals.

The government will launch a comprehensive plan to control Covid-19, hepatitis, AIDS and tuberculosis (TB). It also designated 1 billion rupees, and under the Prime Minister’s health initiative, 196 basic health departments were operated around the clock for 7 days. The government has allocated 1.7 billion rupees for the comprehensive reproductive maternal and newborn health and nutrition plan.

RS9.35BN allocated to development:

The Punjab government has allocated Rs 93.5 crore under the development budget for ongoing programs including medical education, specialty medicine, and miscellaneous and tertiary hospitals for specialist medical and medical education, while Rs 250 crore will be used for new plans and Rs 11.25 crore has been allocated to other development plans (ODP).

In the development budget for 2020-21, Rs 114.62 crore has been allocated for basic and sub-health, of which Rs 95.02 crore has been allocated to the current plans for basic and sub-health, of which Rs 25 crore is used for local development plans and Rs 3.238 crore It is used for preventive plan medical care, of which 548.699 billion rupees for primary health care, 12.93 billion rupees for research and development, 3.349 billion rupees for secondary health care, and 10.49 billion rupees for special plans.

In the development budget, 19.60 billion rupees have been allocated for the new primary and secondary medical plans, including 1.9 billion rupees for two new preventive medical plans, 10 million rupees for one primary medical plan, and 5000 Ten thousand rupees are used for a new secondary medical plan. health care.

Against protest:

The opposition party protested loudly in the speech of the Minister of Finance.

They held placards with budget slogans.

Opposition members, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), also tried to besiege the seat of the finance minister in their speeches. However, after a few minutes of protest, the opposition members withdrew from the meeting.

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, Punjab Speaker, will adjourn the meeting until the end of the day’s agenda until 2pm on Thursday.

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