Trump’s $1-per-tweet Pakistan-based freelance content writer gets 5 cent raise


According to a reliable report by the American “Family”, this week, US President Donald Trump’s Twitter content contributor in Pakistan earned $ 1 per tweet, and his income increased by 5%.

The 19-year-old Wazirabad is a freelance writer who specializes in free translation tasks and has been Trump’s Twitter content writer for the past three years (during the current president).

According to correspondence between White House officials and content authors, their names are used anonymously for security reasons. After that, freelancers will earn $ 1.05 per tweet, which means a salary increase after three years of work.

According to the letters exclusively attacked by The Dependent, content authors are required to diversify public figures, and their remarks will be explained in future tweets, while the focus should be on the already assigned target, that is, former US President Barack Obama.

The exchange further showed that the Trump administration is satisfied with the progress made on Twitter, and that 2020 is an election year, and the “well-deserved salary increase” is well-deserved.

In addition, the authors are urged to focus on the Democratic debate in the next few months and devote more energy to spelling and grammatical errors, which have been “low” in recent tweets.

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