Fawad Khan Shares Hajj Experience, Says Anonymity Is Refreshing

Islamabad (  Pakistan factor news – 30th August, 2018) Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan completed Hajj with his own family. He also represented Pakistan at the remaining ceremony of Hajj, hosted by means of the dominion of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Media.

Fawad Khan shared his Hajj revel in in an interview with Arab instances.

“Being one in all 2.4 million human beings is the very best component in the world,” he instructed Arab information throughout an different interview at the Ritz-Carlton in Jeddah.

“You sense cozy because you are inside the identical space with other folks that naked their hearts to God. You experience just like another character amongst them. and also you are not underneath media scrutiny as you are on ordinary days. It feels first-rate to be a face within the crowd.”

along with his movie-celebrity looks, charismatic character and high-profile appearing history in Pakistani cleaning soap operas — such as “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” — and Indian films, Khan is used to being mobbed by enthusiasts anyplace he goes.

“however I enjoy the anonymity now and then,” he said. “In a way, it is very fresh. people during Hajj are so busy and caught up in what they are doing that they don’t have time for this stuff. they may be very considerate. they’re very careful about what they’re doing.”

Khan said he is regularly fearful by means of the adulation he receives.

“once I wake up, I sense just as human as absolutely everyone do,” he said. “once I see such a big outpouring of affection and adulation, I experience anxious seeing that being increased to any such role is something to be feared. it is an honor, yes, but I additionally feel afraid due to the fact the duties are extra.”

Few of his admirers are conscious that Khan spent part of his childhood inside the Saudi capital Riyadh, wherein his father changed into employed.

“i used to be in Riyadh from 1986 to 1992 as a infant,” he said. “My mom is a completely pious girl and when my father turned into posted to Riyadh, she would say, ‘i will in no way pass over an possibility to perform Umrah,’ so we used to perform Umrah each 12 months.”

So how does Makkah compare now? “The wide variety of pilgrims has increased generally over,” Khan said. “It changed into a very unique time lower back then, but things have usually been secure in Saudi Arabia. I remember seeing snow in Riyadh due to the intense climate deserts sometimes have.”

What was his first impression while he noticed the Holy Kaaba in Makkah’s Grand Mosque?

“It reminded me of my youth,” he stated. “I genuinely loved the time when i was growing up. once I left Riyadh, i used to be sad due to the fact the ones were my childhood. I had a feeling of nostalgia. I consider as a child while appearing Umrah, there wasn’t an awful lot rush or traffic. The strolling between Safa and Marwa as a part of the ritual was more like a recreation due to the fact i might race with my sister at that time and being there once more introduced all those reminiscences returned.

“I loved my early life, so I think I were given my adolescence returned this time.”

Khan became full of praise for the Media Ministry’s arrangements for its visitors.

“The Hajj turned into made very clean by using the ministry. The facilities made the entirety comfortable regardless of the blistering warmness,” he stated.

“The preparations have been seamless. At Jamrat, in which the stoning ritual takes location, there is a sea of human beings coming down and you sense like it is going to be not possible. then you definately get into the group and you start transferring slowly however conveniently. there’s still area to move even though it looks like it’s far impossible. after which, all of sudden, you are done. All this is viable best because there is an efficient protection force and a government that is paying near attention to how the whole lot is occurring. And they are trying to make it drift as without problems as feasible. Kudos to them,” he said.

“and people are very helpful. there may be glaringly a language barrier, but you conquer that somehow.”

Khan praised his Saudi hosts, announcing: “The dinner party arranged for visitors is a mirrored image of the host. a number of love and affection goes into it. It isn’t always approximately the amount that you are given but the quality. And our experience become of the highest excellent due to the fact there has been lots of care, love and affection in it.

The pilgrimage turned into made very satisfying.”

in the course of a speech at a reception for the foreign delegates at Hajj, Khan congratulated King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“I’d like to congratulate them for a successful Hajj, which turned into executed because of their sincere efforts,” he said inside the presence of Media Minister Dr. Awwad Al-Awwad.

“I’m additionally satisfied to look that the message of peace and tolerance has been a non-stop time table, regardless of the slogan for the Hajj this 12 months. the kingdom has embraced the sector with open palms.”

He stated Saudi Arabia through its vision 2030 is main the Muslim global even as projecting the Islamic values of moderation, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

“the sector nowadays has large respect and appreciation for the younger crown prince, who has end up an example for the younger Muslim generation,” he stated.

What changed into the highlight of Khan’s pilgrimage? “The complete experience changed into very spiritual,” he stated. “I recollect on the night time earlier than the trek to Arafat, there has been a wind blowing and it suddenly began raining, and lightning became streaking the sky. It changed into humbling and it felt like a person from on high turned into speaking to us.”

the honour accorded to ladies turned into some other Hajj highlight for him.

“The issue that I favored maximum became that women have been reputable in one of these positive way. people gave way to women and had been careful to help them, and that changed into something to renowned and admire,” he stated.

The choice to carry out Hajj came without difficulty to Khan. “A close companion said to me, ‘when the call comes from Allah, you should move.’ So whilst we were given the invitation from the Ministry of Media, we thankfully ordinary it. This changed into the begin and it became greater like a guided tour. If i get the danger again, I’ll be quiet about it.”

As to what turned into in his thoughts while he become praying at Arafat, at the peak of the pilgrimage, he stated: “First and main, my emotions were for all humanity. We remember this international to be a worldwide village. We act upon it for little or no time. we’ve got limitations and borders, which are things to be respected, however humanity is one organization and, specially, anyone desires to pray for peace, love, kindness and bonds between all and sundry in this world, Muslim or now not.

“universal you pray for humanity, for the betterment of our children and for the entire international.”

human beings need to undertake the pilgrimage when they may be young, Khan said.

“My motive for announcing that isn’t always just due to the energy of the young and able,” he said, adding: “when you are younger, your mind is like a sponge and it absorbs extra. I feel Hajj and Makkah isn’t handiest for the pilgrimage. when people from all over the world meet in agencies in congregations, it’s miles simply a way of cultural change.

“believe assembly 3 million Muslims coming from one of a kind backgrounds and all walks of life from many one of a kind international locations and spending 10 days with them. it is the first-class form of conversation. Being uncovered to these things teaches you tolerance and offers you an invaluable shape of training.
Khan’s wife, Sadaf, who accompanied him, changed into glad with the pilgrimage, too. “She became very moved and he or she goes domestic sporting a whole lot of love,” Khan stated.

With Saudi Arabia establishing up to creative arts and cinema, what advice could Khan provide young Saudi filmmakers?

“art is an expression and the much less advice you provide, the better,” he stated. “obviously, there are censorship policies, but then there are our bodies in region to carry out that responsibility. As an artist, I don’t have any advice in relation to expression as some distance as art is worried, but I do say this with phrases of encouragement for the youngsters accessible: If i’m able to do it, then absolutely everyone can do it.

“it is going to be an honor for me to have my movie screened in Riyadh, the vicinity where I grew up. I desire the amusement enterprise the very pleasant and i hope to look Saudi collaborations with different filmmakers everywhere in the global

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